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Business Service

Business Fee Comparisons - Basic vs Enhanced Service
Description of Fee Basic Enhanced
Start-up/Admin One-time (for Primary Tel. Number) $39.30 $76.79
Primary Tel. Number Monthly (Intro Period) $22.93 $82.93
Primary Tel. Number Monthly $26.47 $86.47
Admin One-time for each additional telephone number $1.82 $1.82
Each additional Tel. Number Monthly (Intro Period) $2.66 $2.66
Each additional Tel. Number Monthly $3.26 $3.26

Business Service (Fax Only)

Business "Fax Only" Plan
Description of Fee Fee
Start-up/Admin One-time (for Fax Tel. Number) $39.30
Fax Tel. Number Monthly (Intro Period) $11.16
Fax Tel. Number Monthly $11.76

Usage Rates

The table below shows the most commonly called locations, including their rates. All rates are in Canadian cents, and are billed per minute unless otherwise stated.

Usage Rates
Location Rate (first 3 months) Rate (beyond 3 months)
Canada (Inbound) 0.021 0.025
Canada (Outbound) 0.012 0.015
Canada (Outbound) (NT/YT/NU) 0.489 0.597
USA (Inbound) 0.023 0.028
USA (Outbound) 0.026 0.031
USA - Alaska (Outbound) 0.082 0.100
USA - Hawaii (Outbound) 0.042 0.051
Other Please contact us for more rates


  1. "Intro Period" fees apply to the first 3 months that the customer has been with Phone Genius
  2. 911 routing is included with "Basic" service for each additional Tel. Number; whereas, 911 routing for additional Tel. Numbers, under the "Enhanced" service, is via the Primary Tel. Number. Separate 911 routing, with the "Enhanced" service, is achievable with an additional monthly fee of $2.14
  3. 911 dialling is not permitted from tel. numbers that are dedicated to a fax machine
  4. Business Basic service utilizes dual/redundant PBX cloud servers
  5. Business Enhanced service utilizes dual/redundant PBX cloud servers and local survivability (such as redundant Internet access)