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At Phone Genius, we're proud to say that we offer more features than anyone else on the market to date. We have over FIFTEEN (15) features. Below is an overview of all our features with a brief description: Anything with a "*" beside it means that an ENHANCED plan is required.

911 Access

You can call 911 for emergency purposes as a part of your plan. Calling 911 will send the address we have on file to the 911 operator. If you are calling from a location other than your home, please advise the 911 dispatcher of this, so that the proper authorities can be sent to the appropriate place.

Voicemail + E-MAIL Notifications

We offer this for FREE! It's entirely optional, so you are not obligated to use your voicemail if you don't want to. What makes our voicemail stand out from the rest is the ability to receive email notifications with attached audio files so that you can have your voicemail in two locations instead of one.

Softphone Support

Unlike other companies, we don't limit you to the confines of your equipment, which means that you can take your home or business phone service anywhere you go. You will always stay connected to the people who matter most to you; Whether it's you're at your local Starbucks/Tim Hortons, or in that hotel in New York, This means that you can make and receive calls as if you are sitting at your home or business.

Flexible Hardware Configurations

This feature ties nicely into the "Softphone" feature mentioned above. While we may send you a box to connect your cordless, or other analog phones, or FAX machines, we believe you should be allowed to customize your phone service. Want a business-class desk phone at home? No problem! Whatever your needs are, there's something for everyone. Your hardware configuration needs can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The sky's the limit.

Intercom and Paging *

With Phone Genius, you can have the same type of paging and intercom features as a business.

NOTE: This feature will NOT work when trying to PAGE or INTERCOM to an ANALOG or software-based phone.

FREE In-Network Calling

Unlike others, we allow you to call your fellow Phone Genius Family members for FREE. The more people you refer, the more money you and your friends will save.

Call Transfer *

Call transfer allows you to transfer calls between your assigned extensions. You can even transfer calls to EXTERNAL phone numbers if you wanted. However, usage charges for the outgoing call will apply depending on the destination of the transferred call.

Call Park *

Call park allows you to put a call on "hold," and allow the call to be picked up by another party at a different extension. Simply transfer the call to extension "70", and the system will read back what "parking lot" the call has been placed. You can then announce the parking lot number to another party.

Conferencing *

Conferencing is a big deal, especially when it comes to businesses. However, we open our conferencing feature to EVERYONE, whether you're residential or business. What makes our conferencing system so flexible, is the ability to have a mixture of internal and external-facing conference rooms.

Call-forward and Caller-ID

We offer these FREE of charge! Call-forwarding will require the ENHANCED plan

Wakeup and Reminder Calls *

Ever wanted to have a wakeup call, like how they do it in a hotel? Or maybe you want to remind yourself to complete a task, or perhaps remind yourself about that appointment you have coming up in a week. With this feature-set, not only is it FREE, but it is also automated. Want to be awakened at 8 AM in the morning? We've got you covered! Calls to both our Wakeup Call and Reminders service are FREE.

Call Screening *

Ever get a call from an "unknown" name or number? Want to know who it is on the other end before you pick up your phone? We offer two levels of call screening. The first one will screen for anyone who's blocking their phone number. The party will be prompted to enter in their phone number before your home or business line rings. If the caller doesn't provide their number, the call will terminate.

The second level of screening (entirely optional of course) will prompt the caller to record their name. When your phone rings and you pick it up, our system will announce the person who is calling. You then have the option of either accepting or declining the call right on the spot.

Having both of these screening levels activated at the same time gives you twice the protection against unknown callers than any other provider on the market.

Do Not Disturb *

Are you busy doing something? Trying to get in those precious hours of sleep? Maybe you're having dinner and don't want your phone ringing off the hook for hours on end? Enabling DND will send all calls to voicemail so that you get some quiet time.

Unlimited Call Recording *

With our call recording service, you can record calls on-demand. Call Recording is a great feature for use in a business environment. An example of recording calls in a business would be for quality control and training purposes. If for any reason you require access to any of your call recordings, please contact support, and provide the following information for security purposes:

  • The name on your Phone Genius account (first+last)
  • Your Phone Genius customer ID (starts with PG followed by ten characters)
  • The phone number you wish to get recordings for (this would be your phone number)
  • The date and time of each call
  • What type of call it was (inbound or outbound)
  • The phone number relating to each call (not your phone number, but the other party's number)

PLEASE NOTE: We only keep call recordings for a short period. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Hot-line Dialing

Need a phone at a secured entry-way to call the receptionist to let you into the building? Maybe you would like to have an emergency phone to immediately dial 911, or all the phones in your house at once? That's what this feature does! A call will be placed, to the phone number you specify when the handset is off-hook. This feature is FREE at its core. However, if dialling out to external numbers, usage rates will apply depending on destination. If the call is within our network, each call will be FREE.

Speaking Clock *

Ever needed to have a way to synchronize those "dumb" clocks with the rest of the world? This feature will announce what time it will be down to the second, with an audible "BEEP" to let you know when that time has passed.